ERC Advanced Grants 2024 call – Belgian webinar


This information webinar on the European Research Council (ERC) Advanced Grant call for proposals 2024 is organised by the National Contact Points (NCPs) for ERC in Belgium (NCP-FNRS, NCP Flanders and NCP Federal BE) to inform potential applicants and host institutions. It is also aimed at researchers who are considering applying in the future.

The ERC Advanced Grant Call 2024 tentative opening date is 29/05/2024 with a tentative deadline on 29 August 2024. The 2024 ERC Advanced Grant call will be made available on the European Commission Funding and Tender Portal.

The call will be open to established research leaders of any nationality and from any field of research (bottom-up approach), with a recognized track-record of research achievements. There is no minimum or maximum age limit. The amount of the grant is up to € 2.5 million for 5 years (or up to €3.5 million in specific cases). This is a pilot call using lump sum contribution. See Q&A on lump sums.

Participation to this webinar is free but restricted to researchers wishing to apply with a Belgian host institution, or staff members of Belgian host institutions. Registration is mandatory.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of the organisers:

Mireia Tomàs Giner

NCP Flanders:
Margot Beereboom

NCP Federal BE:
Madeline Simon

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Please fill in the registration form to receive your personal link to participate to this Zoom webinar.

It would be useful to gather your questions in advance to allow an information webinar that would better address your needs. You can pose them at the end of the registration form (in the “Questions and comments” box) and/or contact us later.

  • Welcome
  • Overview on the ERC Advanced Grant call

    Dia Anagnostou, call coordinator Advanced Grant Call, ERCEA

  • Questions & Answers
  • Perspectives from a grant holder including Questions & Answers

    François-Xavier Standaert, UCLouvain (BRIDGE project, Physical Sciences and Engineering 6 evaluation panel, 2022 call)

  • Perspectives from a panel member, including Questions & Answers

    Hilde De Weerdt, Social Sciences & Humanities 6 evaluation panel member

  • End of the webinar
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