Horizon Europe Belgian launch event


The start of Horizon Europe, the new EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, is approaching. Ms Anna Panagopoulou, Director at the Directorate “Research and Innovation” of the European Commission, will present all the novelties of the programme and answer your questions.

Two invited speakers, an academic researcher and a CEO of a SME, will additionally share their experiences, the lessons they have learnt when participating in Horizon 2020 actions.

The testimonies will be followed by a session where we explain the specialized concertation groups in Belgium, responsible for preparing the position of the Belgian delegation, in particular the program committees of the EU Framework Program. And finally we will present to you the National Contact Points (NCPs) that exist in Belgium and to whom you can turn to for advice regarding the Framework Programmes.

We would have liked to organise a network event with all of you present though the coronavirus measures have obliged us to change it into an online session.  But because we know that networking is very important for European projects, we hope to invite you all on November 8 next year for this purpose.

Our online session is open to all stakeholders located in Belgium. Participation is free but registration is mandatory. Registration will close on November 12 at 9 am.

Do not hesitate to contact your NCP should you have any question:

NCP Federal Belgium:
Pascale Van Dinter

NCP Flanders :
Ann Van Hauwaert

Natacha Wittorski

NCP Brussels:
Ji-Hyeon Kim Vanguers

NCP Wallonie:
Pierre Fiasse

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  • Connection to the webinar
  • Welcome

    Moderator Katrina Sichel
    Managing Director Wit and Word Communications SRL

  • Introduction

    Pierre Cartuyvels
    Deputy Permanent Representative of Belgium to the European Union

  • The new EU programme for research and innovation 'HORIZON EUROPE'

    Ms Anna Panagopoulou
    Director at the Directorate “Research and Innovation” of the European Commission

  • Participation in Horizon 2020 as academic researcher

    Tuba Bircan
    Professor & Research Coordinator - Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Scientific coordinator HumMingBird project

  • Participation in Horizon 2020 as SME

    Guillaume Wegria
    CEO -  Fyteko
    Beneficiary NURSPRAY project

  • Intra-Belgium concertation

    Didier Flagothier
    Chair International Co-operation Commission and Federal Co-operation Commission (CIS-CFS)
    Head of International Research Programmes - Department of Research and Technological Development, Service public de Wallonie

  • National Contact Points in Belgium

    Ann Van Hauwaert
    Ji-Hyeon Kim Vanguers
    Natacha Wittorski
    Pascale Van Dinter
    Pierre Fiasse

  • Questions & Answers
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