12 October 2023
9 h 30 min
With Horizon Europe, Open Science is not limited anymore to open access but is defined as “an approach based on open cooperative work and systematic sharing of knowledge and tools as early and widely as possible in the process”. The...
13 November 2023
14 h 00 min
Horizon Europe is committed to the ‘Do no harm’-principle that applies to all EU programmes. In line with the European Green Deal objectives, a sustainable activity is expected to be significantly contributing to and at the same time not harming...
15 October 2024
9 h 00 min
SAVE THE DATE We are pleased to announce an upcoming training session on “Impact in Horizon Europe”, organized by the Belgian Horizon Europe National Contact Points. This session is designed to provide valuable insights and guidance for applicants interested in...
29 November 2024
8 h 30 min
SAVE THE DATE After the success of the previous editions, we are pleased to announce the 3rd edition of the “Horizon Europe proposal workshop”, organized by Horizon Europe National Contact Points NCP Federal BE, NCP Flanders, NCP-FNRS and NCP Wallonie....
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